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Caring for Poeple

People are our highest priority, we want the cure not maintenance of their being.

Teaching multiplies the knowledge

The Chevalier Institute has an associated school that teaches the Chevalier Method. This is how we can scale and bring new methodologies to the world.

Non-profit Foundation

We are obligated to help the less fortunate in the society. That's why The Chevalier Institute has also founded the Chevalier Foundation. 30% of the institute's profit's will be dedicated to the foundation. Of course we encourage our satisfied customers to become the Institutes Alumni and make donations to the foundation directly. THe more money we have, the more people we can help, and free them from sub-human existence. We can't let war veterans rot away. PTSD is treatable, let's give them their pride back again.

Welcome to The Chevalier Institute

Changing the paradigm to healing

The Chevalier Institute delivers changes and treatment that affect individual and corporate health. The company is active in several areas:

  • Teaching
    • The Chevalier Health Methods to other practitioners
    • Teaching the Innovation Mindset to entrepreneurs and corporates
  • Practice
    • Healing by members of the company
    • Strategy sessions affecting the business world in Going-To-Market strategy
      and Business strategy
  • Research
  • Product Sales

Dr. Antoine Chevalier, Founder, and Chief Science Officer is a world-renowned practitioner that conducted research for cutting edge neurological solutions. He started also 18 years ago to contract with the Office of the US President serving so far 3 administrations. Dr. Antoine Chevalier has 2 Ph.D.s and is currently working on his 3rd.

The Chevalier Institute’s solutions are applicable to:

  • Head Concussions and other Sports injuries
  • Curing Substance Use Disorders
  • Reversing PTSD
  • Curing the effects of Abuse and Violence
  • Stress-related disorders

THE CHEVALIER INSTITUTE explores chemical, psychological, neurological and medical factors to provide custom care for each of our patients.
Mr. Axel Tillmann, CEO of the company, is the corporate mastermind trainer affecting the thought process of Startups and Corporates alike. Spin-outs, Fundraising, Defining Going-To-Market or Business strategies are his strong suits. Healing the corporate mindset goes often beyond the strategy and involves healing of the group dynamics. In those cases, Dr. Antoine Chevalier and Mr. Axel Tillmann work with an integrated strategy

Our History

Dr. Antoine Chevalier started practicing 22 years ago in the field of naturopathic medicine. He received several Ph.D.s but expanded further his knowledge through teachings in ancient cultures, with the Australian Aborigines (a 60,000 year old culture) being the most impactful one. Understanding that this knowledge had to be applied on a wider scale gave birth to The Chevalier Institute.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to heal people instead of just maintaining their existence. T.B.I, PTSD, SUD are treatable and we can cure and free them from their bad experiences.

Our Vision

We want to bring our methodologies to every corner of the world. Like acupuncture now, we want to achieve full recognition in the western medicine. In order to achieve both we have a school that teaches the Chevalier Method, and we have an R&D department that will put the scientific proof behind our treatments, one cure at a time.

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