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Axel Tillmann, CEO of The Chevalier Institute, is a corporate Mindset Mastermind, with focus on corporate Going-to-Market strategies, Spin-outs of public companies, and Startup Strategist.

Mr. Tillmann brings close to three decades of leadership experience to the table, having directed numerous startups to and through successful exits, which also allowed him to gain a wealth of experience dealing with publicly held firms. Known as a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Tillmann is a well-known, well-connected expert involving start-ups, entrepreneurship and enterprise endorsement.

In the last 5 years Mr. Tillmann consulted with 100s of firms from a wide range of technology and industry sectors (Healthcare, Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Green Technologies, Communication, Internet Security, IoT, and Travel Industry).  He is a thought after startup advisor/mentor and contributor to Pitch Global, Pitchforce, , Global Technology Symposium and various other events.  Additionally, he is the co-organizer of the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

An accomplished speaker and author well known for his technical expertise, Mr. Tillmann advises numerous industry organizations and served as US CEO of $1B Fund of Funds, Advisor to Maxwell Biotech Investment Fund, Chairman of the Board of Alion Energy, Chairman of the Board of Appnow, past Member of the BoD of SMI (acquired for $300M) and is in the BoA of more than 10 other companies. He holds degrees in Bachelor of Science in EE from the University of Wuppertal in Germany and a Bachelor of Science in BA from Luebeck.